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Donate used items

Give what you don’t need more value and meaning by donating it to those who can use it. Items you donate are sold at The BeautifulStore Foundation and profits generated from our shops are used to support your neighbors in need.


Procedure for Donation

  • (1) Application to donate
    Sort out the items you wish to donate and call us at 1577-1113 or visit our homepage to submit an application to donate.

  • (2) Item collection
    Pass your items to our members on a visit, send them via our free pickup service, or pay a visit to your nearest The BeautifulStore Foundation or our Donation Bank.

  • (3) Classification, repair and price-setting
    Donated items are sold at The BeautifulStore Foundation or our flea market events.

  • (4) Profit-sharing Program
    Profits generated from the sale of donated items are used to support our neighbors in need on a regular basis, on special occasions, in emergencies or under certain themes.

What kind of goods can be donated?

Please donate goods that you no longer need, but that others may find useful. The BeautifulStore Foundation will accept any item of clothing, fashion accessories, goods used on a daily basis, small appliances, books, CD-ROMs and vinyl records, and small items of furniture that one person can lift and carry on their own.

How can I donate my goods?

Visit The BeautifulStore Foundation Apply online Call us

If you happen to be near one of The BeautifulStores Foundation, you can bring your items directly to the shop and donate them.

Find a store near you
(Map provided in Korean)

You can file an application on The BeautifulStore Foundation website and request the donation pick-up service.

Apply for pick-up now
(Form provided in Korean)

Call The BeautifulStore Foundation call center at 1577-1113 (in Korean only), and follow the instructions of our call center agent.

Call center hours
Monday through Saturday:
09:00 – 18:00 (closed on holidays)
Lunch hour: 12:00 – 13:00


Become a volunteer at The BeautifulStore Foundation. The BeautifulStore Foundation supports the development of volunteers into active citizens, capable of changing themselves and their local communities.

Why volunteer at The BeautifulStore Foundation?

  • Our diverse programs and campaigns provide great opportunities for you to use and hone your aptitudes and skills.
  • The BeautifulStore Foundation offers a systemic curriculum of volunteer education and training, perfected over the decades through a wealth of experience and expertise.
  • The BeautifulStore Foundation offers many activities in which anyone can participate, irrespective of gender or age.
  • The BeautifulStore Foundation also allows volunteers to form their own volunteering schedules so they can keep volunteering on an ongoing basis.

Take a look at the activities possible through The BeautifulStore Foundation and apply to become a volunteer today!

Operator at the shop Shop & Circulation Center Angel Flea Market Angel
As an operator of The BeautifulStore Foundation, you will be involved in the sale of donated items and maintenance of the shop. As a classifier and repairer, you will be involved in the classification and repair service for donated items before they are sold at The BeautifulStore Foundation. As an operator at a flea market, you will take part in the operation of our flea market where people can sell or buy used items and donate some of their profits to take part in our various activities for environmental protection, financial education and donation. The application process, donation of used items, management of financial contributions and photography are awaiting your participation.
Donation Delivery Support Others (on a rolling basis)  
As an assistant for our donation pickup service, you will pay a visit to donors to pick up their donated items and deliver them to the store. Office work, volunteering with a specific skill or talent, and campaign assistance are open to you. You can also work with us at the teams in our head office. We also have various campaign programs.  

For Inquiries
* For more information on participating, please call us at +82-2-2115-7014
* send your email to doumi@bstore.org

Financial Donations

The BeautifulStore Foundation runs charitable fundraising programs with the strong belief that no one can live alone and people and nature depend on each other for co-existence. We seek to drive sustainable change rather than one-time support by extending your donation channels from goods to financial contributions.


Our Programs

Hope Sharing Project Tasty School Breaks: Cookbang The BeautifulStore Foundation Fund
A project to provide the underprivileged people in Korea with support for housing, health care and education as well as emotional development for their children. The BeautifulStore Foundation works with KACCC to provide nutritious meals and cooking classes for financially needy students during school breaks to allow them to maintain healthy diets even when they are not at school. A fundraising program for The BeautifulStore Foundation, committed to promoting a mindset for sharing
Namaste, Ganges Good Morning, Vietnam Beautiful Libraries
A charitable fundraising program for refugees in Bangladesh and Nepal suffering the consequences of climate change. A charitable project offering educational opportunities to minority children in Vietnam. The BeautifulStore Foundation supports residents of local communities in the most underdeveloped parts of Asia to establish and run public libraries, thus bringing books and opportunities for learning to local children and adults alike.
  • Choose the program you’d like to get involved in.
    The BeautifulStore Foundation runs fundraising programs for various purposes.

  • Check how much money you’ve donated.
    Call us at 02-725-8080 to keep track of your donations paid in installments or in lump sums.

  • See the changes made by your contribution
    The BeautifulStore Foundation provides information on beneficiaries and their communities to donors.
  • Get a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.
    The BeautifulStore Foundation is a registered charity, and your donation can provide a tax deduction of up to 20% (since 2010) for individuals and of up to 5% for corporate bodies.