What we do

We make a beautiful change in the world

A chain of charity shops promoting recycling and sharing

The BeautifulStore Foundation is the brand name of a chain of charity shops that promote recycling and sharing in Korea. Starting with a store in Anguk, Seoul in 2002, The BeautifulStore Foundation has seen almost 120 more stores open in 16 cities across Korea, and two shops abroad. These stores serve as local meeting places for people to work together to bring about positive change in their local communities.

A place of resource recycling A place of sharing and communal restoration place of civic participation
The BeautifulStore Foundation is where goods donated by warmhearted people nationwide await new owners. Come into the store, get what you like at an affordable price, and help reduce the planet’s burden of waste. Proceeds from sales of donated goods go to helping the needy. The BeautifulStore Foundation also serves as a meeting place for various activities in the local community. The BeautifulStore Foundation runs on acts of charity and volunteering. Wear the green apron and join the nationwide movement to make this country a more beautiful place.
A place of public campaigns A place of support for ethical producers  
Businesses and non-profit organizations often partner up with The BeautifulStore Foundation to launch public-interest campaigns and promote greater charity across society. Join The BeautifulStore Foundation and become an ethical consumer. A wide range of quality goods are available from social enterprises, eco-activist groups, fair trade organizations, and companies for rehabilitation of the disabled.  

Charity projects

all proceeds generated from the sale of donated goods and other acts of charity at The BeautifulStore Foundation go to a variety of charity projects to make this world a beautiful place for everyone. The BeautifulStore Foundation values slow, certain change. The central values that guide our charity projects are Care for the beneficiaries and Participation. Specialists from diverse backgrounds and local people participate throughout the process of our charity projects to increase their effectiveness.

Charity projects in Korea Charity projects abroad
  • Hope Sharing Project
    The Hope Sharing Project is the leading charity project of The BeautifulStore Foundation, which uses proceeds from the sale of donated goods to help the needy and the marginalized. Through this program, The BeautifulStore Foundation provides financial support for struggling households, individuals, and nonprofit organizations, including financial aid for residential renovations, medical care, scholarships, and educational expenses.

  • Beautiful Sacks of Sharing
    One week before Lunar New Year’s Day, volunteers from The BeautifulStore Foundation—individuals, families, businesses, and local groups—gather in their respective communities to assemble and deliver sacks of gifts to seniors living alone or supporting their grandchildren. These gift sacks often include rice and other daily essentials.

  • Tasty School Break: Cookbang
    Cookbang is the name of the cooking classes run by The BeautifulStore Foundation during summer and winter school breaks. These classes provide meals for children and teenagers who often go hungry during this time, and also help them adopt a healthy diet and enhance their self-esteem. These classes take place in partnership with the Korea Association of Children’s Centers & Councils (KACCC). Proceeds generated by The BeautifulStore Foundation Bazaars and Wiaza Bazaars go toward supporting these classes.

  • Namaste Ganges
    This is a program that helps residents along the Ganges River systemically prevent flooding and acquire farming and other vocational skills for living. It also provides education for women and children. The BeautifulStore Foundation works in this program in partnership with Oxfam, the leading international brand of charity shops.

  • Good Morning Vietnam
    This program of public campaigns raises public awareness in local Vietnamese government officials, schools, and parents of the importance of education, provides a variety of programs for teachers and students alike, and supports school renovation and repairs so that no child in Vietnam is excluded from the benefits of education. The BeautifulStore Foundation works with Oxfam on this program as well.

  • Beautiful Libraries
    This program supports the creation and management of public libraries in local communities of developing countries, whose residents are often excluded from education and culture. Beautiful Libraries provide a great number of books as well as learning programs for locals. The program ensures that support goes toward enabling local residents themselves to run and maintain their own public libraries.

  • Emergency Support
    The BeautifulStore Foundation provides prompt humanitarian aid for victims of natural disasters and other emergency situations in Korea and abroad.

Public-Interest Merchandise Project

Public-interest merchandise refers to goods produced with care and dedication by people working at social enterprises, eco-activist groups, fair trade organizations, and organizations for rehabilitation of the disabled. Your purchase of these products helps members of these public-interest organizations to find solutions to their problems and achieve their goals, and provide greater opportunities for employment and income for the disabled, the poor, and other marginalized members of society. The BeautifulStore Foundation has been supporting the production of public-interest merchandise since 2010, allowing producers of quality merchandise to introduce and sell their products at The BeautifulStore Foundation shops nationwide and online.


Beautiful Fellows

A Beautiful Fellow is a social entrepreneur who possesses a vision and competency for innovation, and who helps to change the world for the better in the areas of environmental protection, human rights, education, culture, and local communities, through the use of innovative business tools. The BeautifulStore Foundation provides Beautiful Fellows with financial assistance with living expenses for three years as well as opportunities for learning and education in and outside Korea. Beautiful Fellows can build business connections through The BeautifulStore Foundation networks and learn and grow into effective entrepreneurs using the infrastructure and resources that The BeautifulStore Foundation has to offer.

Eco Party Mearry

Eco Party Meari is the brand for “upcycled” products, i.e., secondhand and recycled products that are transformed into new designs and uses. Designers working for the brand take leather goods, clothing, and other eco-friendly materials donated by citizens and transform them into new fashion accessories and eco-friendly activities.

The BeautifulStore Foundation Bazaar

The BeautifulStore Foundation invites people to come out to an open market and sell their own goods. These bazaars promote recycling and the proceeds go toward supporting financially needy and disabled children.

Charity Education

The BeautifulStore Foundation provides a variety of programs in charity education, catering to all age groups from little children to the elderly, helping them discover the true meaning of sharing and learn how to carry out charity on a daily basis.