Who we are

Creating a beautiful world of sharing
and circulation where everyone participates

Welcome to The BeautifulStore Foundation

We are dreaming of the Beautiful World of Sharing.

So many memories and stories are sent to The BeautifulStore Foundation every day.
They do not arrive in the form of dialogue or handwriting but of used items. All are donated by people willing to give them to their neighbors in need. These items represent marriage memories, memories with children, presents from loved ones…
The BeautifulStore Foundation is not only your everyday kind of store, but also a very special place for those memories and kindness.

This is why The BeautifulStore Foundation cares for even the tiniest things donated to us. We believe even little old items should not be thrown away because they hold a part of the owner's history. Now, we can connect these valuable items to new owners who will look after them and add their own stories. At The BeautifulStore Foundation, beautiful relationships begin with a connection.

This is The BeautifulStore Foundation’s philosophy.

There is nothing in the world which exists alone. Human beings cannot live without one another. We influence each other and even nature. Every form of life in the fields, mountains and the sea are all linked.

Donating unused items, conserving resources, buying ethical products, caring for our underprivileged neighbors, volunteering…all of these activities build strong ties between us. This is the world The BeautifulStore Foundation dreams of.
Join us in lending a hand to others in need by participating in our sharing activities. Let's make a beautiful world of sharing!

Mission & Vision


Create a beautiful world of sharing and circulation where everyone participates


An NGO that serves the public interest with professionalism

The Public Interest Efficiency & Effectiveness Professionalism
As a non-profit organization, we aim at protecting our founding vision, value-orientation and public interest. We seek greater efficiency and effectiveness than a private company when creating value in the public interest. The BeautifulStore Foundation and its members seek to be world leaders in and professionalism and advancing the public interest.
A Spirit of Net Knot A Spirit of Restoration Participation and Change

We view the truth of the world through the eyes of relationship.

The BeautifulStore Foundation’s “Sharing and Circulation” starts off with acknowledgement of the fact that social problems such as environmental degradation from unchecked consumption and absolute poverty are, after all, caused by me. My life is not separate from others’, and the past, present, and future are closely connected. Like the knots of a net, tightly woven from horizontal and vertical lines, viewing the world as a series of relationships helps us realize that we are responsible for each other.


Circulation prolongs the life of the world.

Living creatures need both arteries and veins. Likewise, everything in the world can live when it is circulated. Unequal distribution of material wealth, a world where the only virtue is consumption, and a culture where my interest comes first, only hurts everyone. The BeautifulStore Foundation believes only sharing and circulation can heal and restore us.

참여와 변화

Small deeds can change the world

Activities by one person may seem small. However, as great rivers are made up of little drops of water, The BeautifulStore Foundation’s wish for “a world where everyone is happy” will come if each and every person is interested and participates. Our belief that one donated item, one hour’s volunteering, and one donated coin can eventually change the world motivates us at The BeautifulStore Foundation.

The BeautifulStore Foundation’s goals

  1. We promote environmental awareness through recycling activities;
  2. We play an important role as a Mother NGO supporting community charity activities and strengthening local grassroots projects;
  3. We grant another chance to the marginalized in society, hiring the homeless, ex-convicts, and vulnerable women;
  4. We believe in and support Fair Trade in Korea;
  5. We support new social enterprises working for the environment and charitable activities.

Social enterprise

The BeautifulStore Foundation is a leading social enterprise in South Korea. We are not only the first registered social enterprise but also a pioneer opening up new markets inside and outside Korea.

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