The logo of The Beautiful Store made of a flower (fruit) that is composed of leaves, signifies the hope and will to make a world, where everyone of us is happy, by fulfilling five practices that put ourselves before myself and protect the environment.
The item that I do not need can be valuable and useful for others.
There is magic of restoration and circulation that brings new life to second-hand products.
Environmentally friendly consumption
We promote simple and sound consumption that places value on the environment.
Voluntary Work
We create a community culture, where we can share our time and talents with our neighbour.
Profit Sharing
We give hope to the neighbour who suffers from hardships by sharing through donation and purchase.
The colour of The Beautiful Store’s symbol mark is Mild Green, a colour of nature, and it signifies life, environment, future, and hope and represents The Beautiful Store, a place of sharing and love.

Symbol mark and background colours should be standard colours and not be changed. For any enquiries regarding the use of the colour, please contact PR Team (+82-2-3676-1009).

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